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Smart moves in the property market’s ‘new normal’

We have undoubtedly seen a massive shift in the property market over the last three years. Cost of living pressures, interest rate rises from record low rates, construction costs rising and builders going broke. Is this the end of the ‘great Australian’ dream of owning your home and investing in property? Times have changed When […]


When the news is relentlessly negative, potential property investors are asking:

Is it still a good time to invest?

Should I just wait?

Are new builds a good investment?

Where are the best places to invest?

Who should you listen to?

Welcome Tony Seller

Tony Seller

  At Triple Zero Property, we aim to see you build a successful property portfolio without the stress.  Having someone with you through the property investment journey (even long after the keys are handed over) makes a world of difference. It is more than just finding you the right property! We are thrilled to introduce […]

Gympie Region Remains a Popular Choice

The Gympie area continues to be one of the best-performing areas in the state, thanks to its affordability and quality lifestyle. At Triple Zero Property, we have been investing here for the last two years and have seen incredible returns for our clients, and we still see this continuing.

Property Investment – Are Women in Australia Catching Up?

More women buy property

Buying the right property for your circumstances is one of the best things you can do for long term financial well-being. Right now, with all the doom and gloom, it feels like it’s too hard to succeed in the property market. However, we believe there are opportunities in the market if you know where to look and have the right team to get you there.

Should I invest in Social Housing?

Social Housing

Forward-looking property investors are keen to commit to sustainable projects that add value to the local community. For this reason, investing in accommodation specifically designed for social housing can be a great option.

Sunshine Coast infrastructure projects driving growth

Knowing where the infrastructure hotspots and employment hubs are and will be in the near future is essential when evaluating where to invest. The Sunshine Coast is one of those rising stars, with significant infrastructure spend moving the area from largely a tourism destination to a strategic lifestyle choice with employment opportunities. With tens of billions of […]

Importance of ‘where’ & ‘what’ in property investment

The importance of ‘where’ and ‘what’ in property investment It is said so often that it is almost a cliché – ‘location, location, location’. We believe it is said often for a reason – when it comes to property investment, location is key to success. But when selecting the ideal property placement there are more […]

What do the proposed changes to depreciation mean for you?

Recently the federal government announced some proposed changes relating to plant and equipment deductions. Since then we’ve had time to review how this could affect residential property investors. Although we are not expecting the legislation to be finalised anytime soon, we have been talking with government with the aim of developing fair policy which covers […]