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At Triple Zero Property, we aim to see you build a successful property portfolio without the stress. 

Having someone with you through the property investment journey (even long after the keys are handed over) makes a world of difference. It is more than just finding you the right property!

Tony Seller

Tony Seller

Tony is an excellent fit to help you with building your first home, investment home or dream home! With his friendly, approachable demeanour and in-depth property knowledge to ensure you receive the best guidance during your property journey.

He has a wide range of experience in the real estate industry to ensure that you have a stress-free experience. 

We asked Tony the big questions…

Why is property investing important to you?  

I love the idea of creating a path to financial freedom for my wife and myself but also to give our children a head start. Property investing is about long-term gains.

What do you think the most challenging thing is about investing in property? 

It is knowing where to invest to ensure the strongest growth. There is so much noise in this space. Look at a company’s track record and where they invest themselves.

How do you help investors succeed in the market?

Building your investment portfolio has many moving parts – don’t go it alone! It is great to have the research, network and experience of the Triple Zero Property team to help on your journey. 

I can help you with the research and networks to find the right builder and manage your investment. Along with clear communication to deliver you the best possible outcome.  

My passion is to see Australians exceed in property investment by helping find a quality project in the right area focusing on long-term growth.

Australians have an obsession with property – why do you think this is? 

Owning your own place is almost an Aussie right of passage! It’s ingrained in us. We are property proud and believe (rightly so) that property is a solid long-term investment.

If you were building the home of your dreams, what is the one thing you would have to have? 

Space! I love my neighbours but am happy for a little distance. Oh, and a stunning kitchen where I can see my flat screen from so I can cook for my family and watch the footy at the same time!

Where would your dream home be – beach, mountains, country? 

I’ll be greedy and ask for something with Ocean views out front and Mountain views out back, please.

What makes you really happy?

I adore spending time with my wife, Kylie and three beautiful boys, Harris, Baxter and Leo. I’m a sports tragic who loves making a mess in the kitchen (my wife is a saint!)

A fact not many people know about you and is utterly irrelevant to real estate? 

I don’t watch reality TV, but I’m a MAFS tragic. Judge away!


If you want to connect with Tony and find out more how he can help you on your property investment journey, email [email protected].

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