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It is an exciting time to be living or owning property on the Sunshine Coast.  And with last week’s announcement that Australia’s next subsea cable will land on the Sunshine Coast is news that will reshape this area like no other game changer project has before.

So, what is all the fuss about and why is it good news those of us who live here?  Subsea cables carry digital data using optical fibre technology. The data they carry includes telephone and internet and they are vital to the national economy.

The agreement that has been struck between the Sunshine Coast Council and RTI Connectivity Pty Ltd is to build a new international submarine cable that will deliver Australia’s fastest telecommunications connection to Asia and second fastest to the United States.

Subsea cables deliver data – and they deliver it fast. For this reason, internet giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, invest heavily in them.

It is not surprising that the demand for subsea cables continues to rise – and this was very much the case when several years ago the search started for the right location on the Eastern seaboard of Australia that had the right subsea landscape on which to lay the cable and also the best location to where it would be landed.

According to Submarine Networks World 2017, “Having a cable land in your city would not only bring an instant boost to international connectivity, but also economic benefits as they become more attractive to companies looking to set up an office.” Further, a subsea cable and associated facilities on the Sunshine Coast is estimated to “deliver up to: AUD 900 million+ annually to the Queensland economy.”

The Sunshine Coast is in an enviable position. There is now every reason national and international companies will choose us as their next head office.  We have the land on which they can custom build their own offices, talent they can employ, outstanding schools and a lifestyle like no other. The upgrades to the Bruce Highway and, the light rail will make commutes to Brisbane easy and the expanded airport will increase the ease in which we fly interstate or overseas.

All eyes are on the Sunshine Coast at the moment and for all the right reasons.  And those who have invested in property are already reaping the rewards with rental vacancy rates as low as 2%, increased rents and property values.  There has never been a better time to invest in this region.

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