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Building wealth so we can live comfortably and enjoy life is something we all aspire to.  And investing strategically in property has long been proven to be a way to create such wealth.

However, it’s knowing where to start, or understanding the risks that can sometime prevent people from delving deeper into property investment.

That wasn’t the case for Steve and Julie Bruce.  They already had a small property portfolio consisting of three properties in Horsham, Victoria.

Julie met Paul Mergard, from Triple Zero Property, at the ACWAP Conference in Cairns in September 2017. Triple Zero were a major sponsor of the event and over the course of the week they chatted about investing in property and the growth happening on the Sunshine Coast.  Julie felt comfortable talking with Paul, “He was approachable and friendly and answered all my questions with enthusiasm and interest.   I found him to be extremely helpful with a no nonsense, common sense attitude.”

The philosophy at Triple Zero is to educate and inform.  Julie took home some information provided to her with and following discussions with her husband Steve, they decided to dip their toe into the property market on the Sunshine Coast. Eight months later they became the proud owners of a beautiful home at Peregian Breeze.  “I still can’t believe how pleasant and easy the whole experience was,” Julie said.

Building in another area

Julie freely admits they were initially concerned by the distance they were from the build and the fact they had never built a house before.  “I’ve only ever heard horror stories about building houses and thought at the time, how on earth can we build a house in Queensland and live in Victoria and not be around?”

Triple Zero Property understands that the decision to build a new home in an area you are not familiar with can be daunting which is why they are committed to keeping the client informed every step of the way and involve them in all decisions surrounding their property so that there are no hidden surprises.

Julie said, “Paul being so experienced in property made us feel comfortable with the fact that if anything came up during the build we would always be consulted and included in any decision making prior to anything happening – and he was true to his word.”

Communication is the key

A divide can often happen between a developer, builder and the client when communication is not forthcoming.  Triple Zero pride themselves on communicating regularly so the client feels a part of the process, “It is their money and their home, so it is vital they are a part of the process from start to finish”, Paul Mergard said.

Julie agrees, “I can’t express how professional and caring Paul was in the entire process.  We received weekly or sometimes daily emails and phone calls, to ensure we were included in all decisions and stages of the build.  We were continually updated us with all the intricate details we would never have thought of. We were given opportunities to make minor changes to the plan of the house and provided with the additional costings and any other issues that might occur”.

Going the extra mile

For Triple Zero Property you are not a transaction, you are a valued client. Steve and Julie hope they will continue to growth their wealth by investing in other properties. They valued the additional advice provided, “Paul gave advice on some additional features of the home including higher ceilings and security screens which have added value and appeal to the property.  With that advice he was forthcoming with the extra cost of the changes and his opinion on how it would add to the value and appeal of the property.  Being new to building we were very appreciative and grateful for the advice and are very pleased with the outcome”.

Growing your property portfolio with Triple Zero Property

Now that they have built their first home, and they have seen the growth that is occurring on the Sunshine Coast, coupled with low rental vacancy rates Julie and Steve are considering doing it all again with Triple Zero Property, “We are certainly interested in adding to our portfolio especially in the Sunshine Coast area. Now with the confidence and experience we have had with the team at Triple Zero Property we are confident that the next build will be our dream home”.

Triple Zero Property – here to help

Triple Zero Property love what they do. For the team it is so incredibly satisfying to help people create wealth through strategic property investment.  Triple Zero put a lot of time and research into choosing the area that meet their strict criteria and only work with select builders and developers to ensure they attain the right outcome for their clients.

Steve and Julie are already recommending the Triple Zero Property Team, “I would certainly use Triple Zero again and have already recommended them to colleagues with glowing references”.

“I just want to again congratulate and thank Paul and the team at Triple Zero Property for making our build such a seamless and pleasant experience.  I can’t imagine doing this from such a long distance without their outstanding professional and caring attitude”.

If it’s time you looked closer at investing in property Triple Zero Property can assist.  Call us for a no obligation conversation and we will do our best to help.